What Social Network website  is the most common for bullying?
Formspring, you can ask anonymous questions. A lot of teenagers have taken advantage of the Formspring's anonymous features to insult and harass people in the ways they might not in person. The littlest things that someone could post on your Formspring can lead for you to danger yourself. Formspring is just the latest place to hang out and exchange gossip, as teenagers have always done (Shah).
What type of people are bullied the most?
If a child has any feature that can make them look or appear exceptional, that can make them a target. People who think  there popular tend to pick on the kids that don't have nice stuff, just say everything in every way to bully them (Shah).

Why do people want to bully?

Bullies say things and feel all big and bad because they are at home behind a computer, or on a phone, and aren't there to see the ramifications or the impact that it has on the other person.Mobiles have been used to cyber bully in a number of different ways: making nasty calls; sending nasty text messages; taking and sharing humiliating images; videoing and sharing acts of bullying and assault camera phone (MacDonald).
How many teen's commit sucide a year from online bullying?

Nearly a million people worldwide commit suicide each year.about 30,000 people reportedly kill themselves each year in the United States. Suicide has been found to be the third leading cause of death for people in the age ranges of 15-24 (Teen Suicide Statistics).

Can getting bullied at a young age affect your life later on?
It depends on what kind of situation you are in. If you have grown up in your childhood you could of gotten bullied by your family/friends getting picked on for example if you were a different colored skin or didn't have the nicest clothes. When you get older your life changes either gets better or not. It all relies on you what you do to fix things (Cyber Bullying Facts).